San Antonio Tip #1: Good Food

I have been to san Antonio twice.  Both times were day trips and both times I ate at this wonderful place.  Touristy — yes.  Of course.  They have flags and lights and streamers and banners hanging from the ceiling.  It is an overload of color and lights.  But it is so yummy!  Last night I was craving the Puebla chicken – “Pollo en Mole Poblano. Quarter Chicken topped with our delicious Mole Sauce. Served with Spanish Rice and Refried Beans.”  It’s the Mole (say it Moe-lay!) that I love.  Deep intense layered nutty spicy earthy flavors.  Yum.

You too can have some of this amazing sauce, and also the dulce de leche candy that I have yet to find elsewhere if you join us for the POAMN conference October 11-14.  Registration forms can be downloaded here, along with other information.

Dr. Cynthia Rigby is our keynote speaker.

“Being Alive in a CrazyBusy World” If there are any two words that describe the average American on any given day, they are: tired and busy. Our lives are not only full, they are crammed full. And we are always trying to figure out how to pack more in: how to be more efficient; how to create more time; how to be more productive. And, in the midst of all this, we want to be disciples. To follow the One who promises us rest who promises us peace, who promises us joy, who promises us life. At this conference, we’ll strive to reclaim the abundant life Christ came to give us, his beloved disciples.

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One Response to San Antonio Tip #1: Good Food

  1. Darlene Shepherd says:

    Julie – Just for consistency in our communications, we generally try to stay with ‘Ministries’ rather than ‘Ministry’.
    Love having the blog. I did send a few sentences about the connection of POAMN funneling volunteers into nursing facilities. Since it hasn’t been posted, I’m wondering how I should submit articles…is there a process to follow?
    Darlene Shepherd Poamn Ex. Board – Member at large – communications and membership. Thanks.

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